Breathe Africa

Level Four A

During the first part of the Facilitator Training, you will learn: Session structure and protocol.
  • Breathing Analysis: the science of observing a client’s breathing pattern to interpret it and decide on the steps needed to facilitate a full, connected, and continuous breathing pattern.
  • Bodymapping: Transformational Breath’s unique form of hands-on facilitation to help a client integrate emotional trauma.
    How to recognize and promote activation: when the breath flows naturally and effortlessly, creating a frequency that allows and promotes profound emotional integration.
  • How to identify cycles of integration and how to manage them properly in a session.
  • The five main areas of integration.
  • Miracle Consciousness Program.
    How to stay present in the moment and work beyond human limitations.
  • How to recognize when your mind is getting in the way and how to relinquish any personal agenda during the session.
  • How to develop your sensitivity to your client’s needs.
  • How to develop your intuition as a facilitator.
    Spirit’s role.

PREREQUISITE: Levels 1 to 3
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