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RYB is an official Transformational Breath Foundation Introductory Training that allows one to learn about the Three Levels of Transformational Breath® and experience them in four to five powerful breathing sessions. We learn about our unique breathing pattern, begin opening our Breath, and feel dramatic shifts in the flow of our lives as a result, then progress into using the Breath to clear negativity in the subconscious and understand how Transformational Breath clears cellular memory. Discover how and why we use the Breath to create more Spiritual awareness and open ourselves to our Spiritual gifts. Tools and instruction are given so one can continue practicing Transformational Breath® at home. RYB is a perfect way to explore and experience Transformational Breath with minimal commitment and maximum results. No prerequisites. Led by Certified Trainers and Senior Trainers and staffed with Certified Facilitators and Facilitator Interns.

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